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    Jean Withers Guest

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    Is VBScript with Netscape a No-No?<BR><BR>Mine is working OK except for some probs with buttons (it works without any probs in IE), but I came across an article which more or less said those with Netscape weren&#039t going to be able to use an application written in VBScript. Is this true?<BR><BR>Jean

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    that is only true if the VBScript is run on the client side, if it&#039s run server-side as is usually the case with ASP, then it&#039s not a problem even with Netscape. We use Netscape/IE here at work and all code works with both browsers.

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    Beckett Guest

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    Jean, it depends if you are doing server side scripting or client side scripting.<BR><BR>Server side scripting can use any language in the world (i.e. PERL, C, or in the case of Active Server Pages... vbscript or javascript) and the resulting HTML code will be compatable with any standard web browser. (because the code is converted to HTML before anything gets sent to the web browser)<BR><BR>On the other hand, client side scripting is interpreted by the web browser itself. Netscape is not able (or willing, heh heh) to interpret client side vbscript. To complicate matters, Netscape and IE each interpret client side javascript a bit differently making client-side scripting a major challenge sometimes.<BR><BR>I hope this explanation helped.<BR><BR>-Beckett

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