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    Am having trouble accessing a DB with the use of the file. I have copied it to the parent directory of the page, included it in the page, set the DNS for the database and used this as the connection string instead of DNS less. I also tried that way though.

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    Default New Error - no adCmdTable

    Script gives message relating to adCmdTable<BR>&#060;%@ Language=VBScript %&#062;<BR>&#060;% Option Explicit %&#062;<BR>&#060;! - - METADATA TYPE="TypeLib"<BR>FILE="C:Program FilesCommon FilesSystemadomsado15.dll" - - &#062;<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR> &#039Here we are opening the connection<BR> Dim objConn<BR> Set objConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR> objConn.ConnectionString="DSN=oddbase.dsn"<BR> objConn.Open<BR><BR> Dim objRS<BR> Set objRS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR> objRS.Open "Products", objConn, , , adCmdTable<BR><BR> Do While Not objRS.EOF<BR> Response.Write "&#060;B&#062;" & objRS("Name") & "&#060;/B&#062;<BR>"<BR> Response.Write objRS("UnitPrice") & "<BR>&#060;HR&#062;<BR>"<BR><BR> objRS.MoveNext<BR> Loop<BR><BR> &#039Clean up<BR> objRS.Close<BR> Set objRS = Nothing<BR><BR> objConn.Close<BR> Set objConn = Nothing<BR><BR>%&#062;

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