Can't get rid of Radiobutton border.

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Thread: Can't get rid of Radiobutton border.

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    Default Can't get rid of Radiobutton border.

    I have a set of radiobuttons. I can&#039;t get rid of the border. I did have a radiobutton list which I couldn&#039;t get rid of them, and also had a second query about changing the text which I might ask in a moment. However I have tried EVERYTHING I know. I&#039;ve changed borderwidth, borderstyle, bordercolor(to white, didnt work), cssclass but no matter what I get a black 1px solid border around my radiobutton. How the hell do I get rid of it? I&#039;ve got the radiobutton added to a table cell at the moment but even if I add a single button elsewhere that has a border too.<BR>You can see the border at:<BR><BR>:(<BR><BR><BR>The second query I had was that I had a radiobutton list bound from my table. I have two sets of prices, price and featprice, which are determined if feat is set to True. If it is true I need to display the price with a css style to linethrough and then the featured price, if not just the price. Can I do that if I bind the dataitems from a table or will it not let me alter the details in this way? If I can do it would I have to get the database to do the legwork there and return the whole htmlcode as a string for the value field?<BR><BR>Lloyd<BR>

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    Default Look at your stylesheet

    Remove this:<BR>input {<BR> font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;<BR> font-size: 12px;<BR> border: 1px solid #000000;<BR>}<BR><BR>

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