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    Hi, I'm new at the hole asp-xml programming. The thing is that at work they asked me to program an asp script that it would take some values from flash and it would write them to a xml file. I wrote a basic script that did that, but when a special character is passed to the asp instead of writting it as it is, it writes it as strange symbols. I think the problem is somewhere in between Flash and ASP because if I write a response.write(var) it writes the strange characters on screen. Does anyone know how can I fix this? Thanks a lot. Christian

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    This is not authoritative, but maybe it will point you in a good direction. If you are talking about ASP/vbscript, You might want to look into CODEPAGE values. The CODEPAGE attribute has an effect on character encoding within ASP code. What appears on screen is controlled by the HTML encoding. So your HTML encoding might handle the characters, but when its being passed to the XML via ASP, it might not be getting encoded right. Again, this is just a shot. Hope it helps.<BR><BR>cheers,<BR>Clay

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