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    hello guys,<BR>i need to compare a date which if of the mm/dd/yy form. i want to find out whether this date is todays date or greater than todays . if it is lesser it will give the user an error.<BR>any clues

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    not real familiar with javascript, but see if this helps.<BR><BR><BR><BR>and after reading what they show, you can use this for the current date.<BR><BR>now = new Date()

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    Default Not quite true...

    In JS, <BR> var now = new Date();<BR>will set the now variable to the current date *AND* time.<BR><BR>If having the time in there causes problems, then you can do:<BR> var now = new Date();<BR> var today = new Date( now.getFullYear(), now.getMonth(), now.getDate() );<BR><BR><BR>

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