can someone please explain to me why the following is happening...<BR><BR>I have a web form with an array of radio buttons, and when one of the buttons is clicked (and a submit button is pressed), i have coded the button event to check which radio button is checked and to input that radio&#039;s text value in to a table in my database. it then redirects to another page, where it reads that table of the database and in a label displays the text from the radio button selected on the previous page.<BR><BR>now, this works the first time i go to the page. if i click back from the second page and try to select a different radio button on the first page and click the submit button again, it doesn&#039;t work. i get no error, but the database is not changed. is anyone familiar with this happening? i&#039;m wont to believe that my problem is probably one or two commands that i need to include somewhere, but i&#039;m not sure. thanks!