Hi,<BR>firstly I&#039;m using straight asp, client side vb script.<BR>my page calls a DLL through soap, this dll calls a server on another machine to process the request. As there can be anything up to 300 data items to process I&#039;ve split the requests into groups of 30 and I&#039;m updating a progress bar to keep my users happy.<BR>Problem being that unless I insert a msgbox ( eg msgbox "blah" )to interrupt the code the updates to the progress bar are not shown. all the users sees is an hourclass for 8 minutes and then a 100% progress bar. I know 8 minutes is a long wait but unfortunately thats out of my control :( <BR>Is there any way of making the web page update without using a msgbox as this interrupts execution?<BR>any help/ideas/places to look for info greatly appreciated, thanks