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    Hello!<BR><BR>I am using Persits ASPEmail for sending emails from my ASP page. This is for a "Feedback page" provision. Once the user submits feedback by providing the email id the webmaster will get an email with Cc to the user.<BR><BR>To id will be the Webmaster&#039;s id and Cc will be the users id. In case if the user&#039;s email id is invalid even the webmaster is also not getting mails. How do I crack this issue. <BR><BR>Is there a way the mail be sent to the TO id even if the Cc id is invalid.<BR><BR>Please suggest.

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    Default Have to ask the Persits people...

    Every email sending control is different. Unless somebody here happens to have had the same problem with Persits, you aren&#039;t likely to get an answer in this forum. So why not shortcut the process and ask Persits directly?<BR><BR>

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