&nbsp;<BR>Hi,<BR>My asp.net application is working <BR><BR>fine in my system. when i&#039;m executing <BR><BR>the same application in server am not <BR><BR>getting the controls in my webform.<BR>for e.g. in default page i&#039;ve placed <BR><BR>dropdownlist box and text boxes and <BR><BR>command buttons.<BR>in server sytem when i run my <BR><BR>application , the items in the drop <BR><BR>down list are visible and these items <BR><BR>are displayed in one line only and am <BR><BR>not getting the dropdown list control <BR><BR>on the web form .<BR>why am not getting the controls on <BR><BR>the web form when my application is <BR><BR>running in server system.<BR>but it is working fine in my system.<BR><BR>can anybody tell me how to solve this <BR><BR>problem.<BR>its very urgent.<BR><BR>thanx in advance<BR><BR>yoshitha.