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    I have an asp search page. After user selects the search options and clicks on search, the page calls a javascript function which submits the page to itself giving the search results.User&#039;s search options are stored for the session using xml. <BR>There is a second asp page that has a link to this page. On clicking on the link, the first page must be loaded with it&#039;s search results. How do I call this javascript function on the first page from the second page?<BR>Else, how do I autosubmit the first page from my ahref link in the second page?

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    Stored for the session using XML? In a session variable? Have you already created a function that runs your search using the values from the XML? You&#039;ll need it regardless. I&#039;m not sure why you&#039;re using javascript to submit though, if you&#039;re saving the values in a session variable. But you could just add a value to the link on the second page. &#060;a href="FirstPage.asp?archivedsearch=1"&#062;Click me&#060;/a&#062;<BR><BR>Then look for it on the second page.<BR><BR>&#060;%If Request.Querystring("archivedsearch") = 1 Then<BR> LoadSearchFromXML()<BR> End If<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>Something like that?

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