hi,<BR><BR>i have a multi-dimensional array i&#039;m trying to iterate through and i&#039;m receiving errors.<BR><BR>if i have the array as such<BR><BR>dim dataArray(2,2)<BR> <BR>dataArray(0,0) = "text"<BR>dataArray(0,1) = "LastName"<BR>dataArray(0,2) = "Last Name"<BR> <BR>dataArray(1,0) = "text"<BR>dataArray(1,1) = "FirstName"<BR>dataArray(1,2) = "First Name"<BR><BR> <BR>dataArray(2,0) = "text"<BR>dataArray(2,1) = "InternetAddress"<BR>dataArray(2,2) = "Email Address"<BR><BR>and i iterate as such<BR><BR>For theLoop = 0 To Ubound(dataArray,2)<BR> if dataArray(theLoop,1) &#060;&#062; "" then<BR> &#039;do stuff here<BR> end if<BR>Next<BR><BR>it works no problems...<BR><BR>however, if i add one more dimension to the array as such<BR><BR>dim dataArray(2,3)<BR> <BR>dataArray(0,0) = "text"<BR>dataArray(0,1) = "LastName"<BR>dataArray(0,2) = "Last Name"<BR>dataArray(0,3) = ""<BR> <BR>dataArray(1,0) = "text"<BR>dataArray(1,1) = "FirstName"<BR>dataArray(1,2) = "First Name"<BR>dataArray(1,3) = ""<BR><BR>dataArray(2,0) = "text"<BR>dataArray(2,1) = "InternetAddress"<BR>dataArray(2,2) = "Email Address"<BR>dataArray(2,3) = ""<BR><BR>using the same loop as above i receive a "Subscript out of range: &#039;theLoop&#039;" error at the first &#039;if&#039; statement line referencing dataArray(theLoop,1)<BR><BR>not sure why i would be out of range by just adding one more dimension. <BR><BR>suggestions?