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    hi there ( to all those nice and intellegent guys who used to help people)<BR> <BR>i &#039ve been working on ASP from last five is my first job and i am a fresh computer graduate..<BR>Now a project is assigned to me and i have alot of problems so please help me ...<BR> <BR>PRb1 A database has already developed by using Microsoft Access in which there are 60-70 tables and number of tables are increasing . It is developed for a huge ASP based web site a number of pages has already developed in which ADO is used with that typical connection string for access<BR>the problem is <BR> <BR>i have to convert that database in ORACLE 8i HOW ???????<BR> <BR>PRb2 What could be the most necessary changes in my ASP code <BR> <BR>PRB3 How i can use typical oracle stored procedures and views and other functionality that is specific to ORACLE in my ASP code ?<BR> <BR>PRB3 How the uploading and updation of the ORACLE DATABASE would be done cause we use to do this daily ???<BR> <BR>PRB3 What should i do in my ASP code to handle multiple users for that webdatabase <BR> <BR> <BR>PRB4 Can i use a single global connection on Application onstart event or there is any other sol for that ???<BR> <BR> <BR>kindley give me a detail solution ASAP<BR> <BR>have a nice day<BR>

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    Hi, i am still learning and i am unable to help you sry =(<BR><BR>all since you know your stuff much better than me do you think you could help answer my question, its right under this one, and its the one about PLEASE HELP<BR><BR>could you give it a look please?<BR><BR>i am getting frustrated with it<BR><BR>thanks in advance<BR>good luk w/ your oracle answers<BR><BR>- James

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    Some help:<BR>How to convert: copy the same table structure & import data. Don&#039t know if &#039upsizing&#039 is possible, never tried.<BR>P2: Mostly dates and autonumber doesn&#039t exist in Oracle (use sequences, a real pain in the ***).<BR>P3: How about uploading a Access DB & import info via ODBC? <BR>P4 & 5: There are a lot of articles on using database connections via the Application and Session on this site.<BR>HTH<BR>

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