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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have binded the below DataReader to the DataGrid. But still, when I look at the webform, I&#039;m not able to view the DataGrid at all?<BR>Why is this happening?<BR>thanks<BR><BR><BR>OleDbCommand objcmd3 = new OleDbCommand(sql3,cn);<BR>objcmd3.CommandText = sql3;<BR>OleDbDataReader rdr = objcmd3.ExecuteReader();<BR>if (rdr.Read())<BR>{<BR> <BR> DataGrid3.Visible = true;<BR> DataGrid3.DataSource = rdr;<BR> DataGrid3.DataBind();<BR> DataGrid3.Dispose();<BR>}<BR>else<BR>{<BR> <BR> DataGrid3.Visible = true;<BR>}

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    Default i'd guess that

    your SQL isn&#039;t returning any results

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