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    Default linking Relativity and DIMENSION

    linking Relativity and DIMENSION<BR><BR>I know that Akhilesh is bored so if my theories impact the world some day I dedicate my lines of thinking to him...<BR><BR>linking Relativity and DIMENSION<BR><BR>Relativity<BR>1. Relativity has a referencial context, with two frontiers: atoms and photons.<BR>2. Matter could not overpass the speed of the light.<BR>3. Matter could not be created.<BR>4. Vaccum is the inexistence of matter.<BR><BR>e = mc^2<BR><BR>DIMENSION<BR><BR>1. DIMENSION doesn&#039;t have finite frontiers, light must evolve into a new frontier and matter could evolve into a new one, so DIMENSION talks about general behaviours and it is not a closed system, so infinite is not possible cause everything evolves if you try to make an infinite line when you&#039;re reaching the end the concept &#039;line&#039;, line won&#039;t exists its a new one or better a New DIMENSION of line, so light is ligh but some day it will be light evolved or better a new (next or prior) DIMENSION of light.<BR>2. Matter could not overpass the speed of the light but must reconfigure into a new DIMENSION to continue the travel and convert again into the original matter, this thanks to a COMPLEX identificator, this is a Quantical aproach.<BR>3. Matter Could be created, since it is possible to decompile the world is possible to recompile it again as a primitive law factor.<BR>4. TIME is a way of travel, TIME is a DIMENSION too, for example: What time is in your job now? its the serial of process that takes you to gone to it, so time is relative to the way of travel but you could travel in different ways, so you can reach every part of the UNIVERSE, you only need the TIME to travel or the process to go for your destination wherever it is.<BR>5. DIMENSION Includes and sees energy (also relativity) as the most general DIMENSION aplication, but ENERGY could be Matter, light, laws, behaviours and every possible thing.<BR>6. DIMENSION evolves into positive and negative way, or following two poles so classical theory is included. One pole advance and the other support the advance or one pole returns and the other supports the return, but they are part of the same thing: One God, one reality, one behaviour, ONE DIMENSION splited into many ones, D2W = z^2 + e is a link between this two dimensional worlds, so if we call it D2W we only need to complete the formula.<BR><BR>DIMENSION = (ENERGY.TIME)^COMPLEX<BR><BR>D2W = z^2 + e <BR>DIMENSION_APP = (D2W.TIME)^COMPLEX<BR><BR>Is exists ZFS, the next one will be DFS

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    Default I hate it when that happens

    "Is exists ZFS, the next one will be DFS"<BR><BR>Bugger. Does that mean I need to upgrade my DVD player again?

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    Default I don't see this one at all!

    &#062; 3. Matter could not be created.<BR><BR>Nothing in relativity says that!<BR><BR>In fact, you can conclude exactly the opposite:<BR> m = E / c^2<BR><BR>It just takes one heluva lot of energy to create matter.<BR><BR>

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