Hi, <BR><BR>I have an email invitation that is being sent to a user. The user needs to click the link and their userID and security code are then put into hidden form fields. The user then just needs to choose a username and password to sign up.<BR><BR>This works fine from outlook, but when I use outlook&#039;s web based email, it changes the & sign to a hex code of %26, which breaks it. <BR><BR>What is the best way to code this so that I am sure to get the userID and security code? Is the answer to just tell the user to type them into a form?<BR><BR>Example:<BR>http://www.yahoo.com?UID=7&SC=c2WJb4 becomes http://www.yahoo.com?UID=7%26SC=c2WJb4<BR><BR>Thanks!