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    guys i think im askin this question for the 2nd time now.did not get a satisfactory answer for the 1st. <BR>i know u guys are gonna help me out with anything and everything. i would take this oppurtunity to thank all the guys on aspmessageboard especially bill,rusell, god and the others for helpin me out. thanks buddies.<BR><BR>anyways heres the query<BR><BR>check the code below<BR>window.open("abc.html")<BR>self.close<BR> <BR>whenever i use this code in my webpage and then run the webpage on the browser and then click for e.g a "close window" button. it gives me this msgbox stating . the window you are trying to open is trying to close this window.do you want to close it anyways."yes or No".<BR>i do not want this msgbox to appear.<BR>any way out.<BR>thanks u guys

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    There USED to be a workaround for this:<BR><BR>window.open("abc.html");<BR>this.parent = this;<BR>self.close;<BR><BR>However, in a post-SP2 world I wouldn&#039;t guarantee it any more.<BR><BR>Let&#039;s get this straight - the dialog is a SECURITY dialog on the user&#039;s browser. If the browser is doing its job then there should be NO WAY in which to bypass this. I know it&#039;s been possible in the past, but things are starting to change.<BR><BR>The answer may be that these days there is no way in which to do this. You may just have to accept that.<BR><BR>Craig.

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