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    I&#039;m creating a cookie after successful logins to my site. I believe i&#039;m setting the cookie to the value of the txtUsername box from the login page, which should contain a valid user ID. i&#039;ve thrown up a test webform that i want to grab the value of the cookie and display it.<BR><BR>the cookie should contain the username of the currently logged in user. instead i&#039;m getting this"<BR>9A5C7D94701396821FA7628C215BFF2A2ED738871 81EC4ECDAA2AD9D8538C33AFD7C7AB08EF0AE0254658923F3F A4B35AA4406AAB5EBD315F26B4E5E8C394373059C14549B5DF 900<BR>which i&#039;m guessing is an encrypted form of my user name (or maybe in hex?) i&#039;d like to know how to get it back to it&#039;s more natural form. any code samples would be much appreciated. thanks!

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    Show us where you set the cookie

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