I have a datagrid full of template columns. The data comes from a database, and my users edit the data directly in the datagrid.<BR><BR>I want to add an HtmlInputFile option in the datagrid. I already know what I want to do with the file (store it in a folder and upload the location to the database), but I can&#039;t think of an efficient way to incorporate the HtmlInputFile into the datagrid.<BR><BR>A couple of problems come to mind: <BR><BR>1) If the uploading of the file is done from a &#039;Submit&#039; button right in the data cell, the page will postback and reset all of the other fields that the user had updated in edit mode.<BR><BR>2) If the uploading of the file is incorporated into the code that is run when the row is updated, I&#039;ll always have the textfield and &#039;browse&#039; buttons in that cell. Seeing the empty textfield might make the user think that there is no data, when there actually is.<BR><BR>Does anybody have any HtmlInputFile in datagrid examples for me?<BR><BR>Thanks