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    I have a custom control (just a ddl and a button. In the codebehind of the page that I dropped the control onto I set a property of the control. In the codebehind of my control when the property is set it is saved to the viewstate (and I have verified that it is indeed getting saved there) The problem is that once I click the button on the user control and the page refreshes, the viewstate of the control appears to get lost. At the same time, the ddl in the control seems to keep it&#039;s viewstate. I don&#039;t know where or how the Viewstate("exportData")<BR> that I set is going but once my control gets around to the click handler it is set to Nothing. Any ideas?

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    I think it depends on when you turn on the viewstate of your control, try to do it as early as possible (on Init, not on Load).<BR><BR>(By the way, I think this question is one for the ASP.NET forum...)

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