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    Hello, I&#039;m in the process of moving a site which was written in .asp going against msaccess to a new site written in going against sqlserver.<BR><BR>So far, things are going well, however I&#039;m now to the point where I&#039;m almost ready to do the switchover... Here&#039;s the problem, all the page names have change. default.asp is now default.aspx.. image.asp is now image.aspx, etc, etc... There are a ton of these pages, the site is in search engines and somewhat heavily bookmarked. I tried setting up in the web.config for custom 404 errors, and that works... if the page is a .aspx page. so typing in will in fact go to my custom page. will display normal 404 error which I don&#039;t want.<BR><BR>To make matters worse, this is a site on a shared hosting platform so I don&#039;t have control over IIS. I was thinking about keeping the old .asp pages around and using them to redirect to the new page, but I&#039;d like to avoid that if it&#039;s possible. Through the hosting provider I have access to Plesk 7, and I tried setting up custom error pages through that, but the error pages must be .html, and they don&#039;t seem to be working at all anyway. <BR><BR>Please help, I&#039;m a novice at .net and at the moment quite frustrated :)

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    Mot having control over IIS makes it tougher. <BR><BR>Personally, I&#039;d leave the .asp pages there, but update them so that they return an 301 - Moved Permanently status code, and redirect to the .aspx pages that are replacing them. <BR>Here&#039;s an example of setting the status code:<BR><BR>I think that this is probably going to be the best option that you have, considering.

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