I have 3 rows of form controls.<BR>row1: textboxName / checkboxlistName / PhoneNumber1<BR>row2: textboxName2 / checkboxlistName2 / PhoneNumber2<BR>etc..<BR>In stead of doing inserts statements for each row. I would like to create a loop (3 rows), call a stored proc(generic), and just change the control.<BR>I&#039;m good up to changing the control. I&#039;ve been trying <BR>dim Mycontrol as Control<BR>then something like control.item(0).text and control.item(0+1), which I was hoping would give me the text from the 1st and 2nd control texbox. In ASP, i&#039;d count from zero to the control and I&#039;d get the number I could call it from...<BR>Anyhelp please