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    Steve Kalty Guest

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    I&#039ve got more ASP jobs than I can fill! SQL back-end, Oracle back-end, HTML, Cold Fusion, whatever you can do, if ASP is in there, call me. Contract, Direct-hire, Contract-to-hire, Fortune 100 clients and .com start-ups, I&#039ve got them all and they all need to be filled. . . Toll free (888) 774-9998, I want to talk to you! <BR><BR>Steve

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    Shahaz Guest

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    may I can apply here<BR> i m in Pakistan<BR> tell me at

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    Sudhana Punjabi Guest

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    I am interested in applying.<BR>Following is my CV.<BR><BR>Sudhana Punjabi <BR><BR>2241<BR>SBI Officers Flats<BR>Sector 42-C <BR>Chandigarh-160022<BR>Ph-616124 <BR> <BR>Email:<BR><BR>Objective: To do quality web development in a database environment by using my functional <BR> and analytical skills.<BR>_______________________________________ ______________________________________<BR><BR>Skil ls: <BR>? Programming Languages: <BR>- ASP<BR>? Operating Systems: <BR> - MS DOS 6.22<BR> - Windows 3.1/95/98<BR> - Windows NT<BR>? DBMS/RDBMS<BR> - Oracle 8 <BR>- MSql/Mysql<BR>- SQL Server 7.0<BR>? Internet Scripting Languages: <BR>- JavaScript, VbScript<BR>- HTML/DHTML<BR>? Internet Development Tools: <BR>- IIS 4.0 <BR>- MS Siteserver <BR>- MS Siteserver Ecommerce Edition 3.0<BR>- Web DB<BR>? Others<BR>- Developer 2000<BR>__________________________________________ ___________________________________<BR><BR>Educati on:<BR><BR>? Academic: <BR>- BE (Electronics) Pune University (1995)<BR>? Professional: <BR>- Software Technology & Systems Management, GNIIT from National Institute of <BR>Information Technology , New Delhi <BR>- Oracle 8,Developer2000 from Boston’s Institute Mumbai<BR>________________________________________ ____________________________________<BR><BR>Work Experience: <BR><BR>Pugmarks Inter Web Pvt. Ltd. Chandigarh. (03/99 to present)<BR><BR>? Profile: <BR>- Leading the Programming Team as a Project Leader. <BR>- Cohesively working with Web Designers for developing sites. <BR>- Meeting Clients, understanding their needs and giving them their options.<BR>- A member of the Team as well as the sole developer of many applications. <BR>- Preparing documentations of projects and accordingly assigning deadlines.<BR>- Research into new technologies<BR>- Training and assistance of junior programmers.<BR><BR>______________________________ _______________________________________________<BR ><BR>Major Projects: <BR><BR>Music Today <BR> <BR>Platform used: Windows NT<BR>Languages used: ASP,Vbscript,Javascript<BR>Tools used: MS Siteserver Ecommerce Edition 3.0,Ms Sqlserver 7.0, <BR> ADO,IIS<BR>Organization: India Today, New Delhi<BR><BR><BR>Synopsis: An e-commerce site which caters to the need of classical <BR>Music lovers.The site handles ecommerce, special <BR>offers, discounts, client requests,announcements of <BR>forthcoming titles. The pricing and shipping costs are <BR>determined by the destination to which the product is <BR>shipped.Cross promotion of products is also <BR>incorporated.Contests are introduced to promote the <BR>site. <BR> The ecommerce aspect of this project is done using MS <BR>Siteserver ecommerce edition.<BR><BR>Intranet <BR> <BR>Platform use Windows NT<BR>Language Used: ASP,Vbscript,Javascript<BR>Tools used: Ms Sqlserver 7.0,ADO,IIS<BR>Organization: Pugmarks Interweb Ltd,Chandigarh<BR> <BR><BR>Synopsis: An internal zone in the company,wherein an employee <BR>can logon to the intranet and the time- in of the <BR>employee is recorded in the database. The employee <BR>has excess to the company resources like R&D <BR>reports,proposals,softwares,etc.The employee can also <BR>add his own resources to the intranet.Every day the <BR>employee files in his daily report which cross checks his <BR>time spent on a project with its deadline and also records <BR>the hours spent by the employee in the office.These <BR>factors generate the efficiency of the employee.Other <BR>features are library management ,Schedular, ttendance, <BR>employee growth chart,holiday lists,BBS,Chat,etc.<BR><BR><BR> <BR>Netwalla<BR> <BR>Platform Used: Windows NT 4.0<BR>Language Used: ASP,Vbscript,Javascript<BR>Tools used: MS Siteserver ,Ms Sqlserver 7.0, ADO,IIS<BR> Organizations. Netwalla Group<BR><BR><BR>Synopsis: A customised portal site,has various sections like <BR>entertainment,news,health,travel, personal,etc.The user <BR>can register and create a customised version of netwalla <BR>namely My netwalla.<BR>The Personalisation and Membership is done using MS <BR>siterserver.<BR><BR>Efolkmusic<BR> <BR>Platform Used: Windows NT 4.0<BR>Language Used: ASP,Vbscript,Javascript <BR>Organizations. US based<BR><BR><BR>Synopsis: The user registers for a slab of songs by paying for <BR>it.Depending upon the slab he buys he is entitled to <BR>download the specified number of songs.He can login as <BR>many times as he wants to download the songs as long <BR>as his limit is not over .If the user slab is exhausted he <BR>is asked to register for a new slab .He is restricted to buy <BR>only those many songs as he is entitled to.<BR>Maharashtra database<BR>search engine<BR> <BR>Platform Used: linux<BR>Language Used: perl<BR>Tools: mSql <BR>Organizations. MIDC<BR> <BR><BR>Synopsis: A complex search engine for Maharashtra’s Industrial <BR>database wherein a user can search for any company by <BR>name,productor category. <BR><BR> <BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR>Personal Details:<BR>Marital status: Married<BR>Date of birth: 6th May ‘72<BR><BR><BR><BR>(Sudhana Punjabi)<BR><BR>

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    I want to apply for this position.<BR>Here is my CV:-)<BR><BR><BR>SANDEEP JHAMB <BR>SOFTWARE ENGINEER / PROGRAMMER<BR><BR>Present : # 594, Sector-12, Panchkula, Haryana, India<BR>Email:<BR><BR>Work Experience : Two Years Daytime Ph: +91-172-645905<BR>Passport No: A3412900 Valid Upto: 28th September 2007 Evening Ph: +91-172-576550<BR><BR><BR>SUMMARY OF WORK EXPERIENCE<BR><BR>Two years experience as a Software Engineer, Programmer in the Internet, Client/Server Applications development companies.<BR><BR>EDUCATION<BR>BA -– Punjab University, Chandigarh<BR>PGDCA – Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra<BR>DBA – Brilliant Computers<BR><BR>SKILLS<BR>Languages: Visual Basic5.0, Pascal, SQL, COBOL,<BR>Familiar With: Perl, JAVA, JavaScript, JDBC<BR><BR>GUI Tools/Server: Oracle WebDB, Developer 2000, Developer 6.0 Server<BR><BR>DataBases/4GL: Oracle, Oracle8i server, MySQL, Sql Server, FoxPro<BR><BR>Web Server: OWAS 4.0, IIS4<BR><BR>Platforms: DOS 6.2, Windows 95/NT, Red Hat Linux<BR><BR>InterNet Scripting Tools: Html, Active Server Pages<BR><BR>EMPLOYMENT HISTORY<BR><BR>PUGMARKS INTERWEB PVT. LTD., CHANDIGARH, INDIA <BR>1/99 to Present<BR>(Software Engineer / Web Programmer)<BR><BR>Presently involved in the software design & development of Database Driven WebSites. Have done projects for IndiaToday Group, Netwalla Group, efolkmusic Group, Maharashtra Government and DOT Chandigarh.<BR><BR>Intranet System <BR>Presently developing an Intranet Application for Pugmarks InterWeb Pvt. Ltd. The features of the Application are:<BR>Daily Attendance marking<BR>Daily Reporting (Hourly)<BR>Project Status<BR>Efficiency Comparisons<BR><BR>Role: Designing, Development and implementation.<BR><BR>Musictoday <BR>Developed a completely database driven Ecommerce Website for the India-Today Group wherein they can sell their music albums on the net. Although I am still working on it, the e-commerce part of the site will be done by Site Server E-commerce Edition. URL of the Website is Implemented Full-Text Search as well as Index Search. The site is completely done using in VbScript, Html, ASP, ADO, SiteServer Commerce Edition, MS-SQL Server and IIS. <BR><BR>Role: Developed & implemented the site. Transfered the database on the Server.<BR><BR><BR><BR> <BR>Maharashtra Database <BR>Developed a Web based application, which could operate as a search engine and let the user access records from the database. This search engine has MySql as the backend and it was interfaced with the web using Perl and HTML.The user inputs the name or initial of a corporation and he gets a list of all the companies in that corporation from the database. On clicking on the name of any company he can get the details of that company from the database. This project was done for the Maharashtra Govt.<BR><BR>Role: Designed, Developed & implemented the application to run on the Internet. Imported 90,000 records from flat files to MySql database. Automatically generated unique company code through coding and inserted into 90,000 records. Created indexes to fasten the results of query. Programmed interface between MySql Server and Web page, to access the Search engine online from the site.<BR><BR>Telephone Directory <BR>Developed a Web based application, which could operate as a search engine and let the user access records from the database. This search engine has MySql as the backend and it was interfaced with the web using Perl and HTML.The user inputs the conditions by which he wants to query the telephone directory database and he gets the detail records from the database. This project was done for DOT Chandigarh.<BR><BR>Role: Designed, Developed & implemented the application to run on the Internet. Imported 10,000 records from flat files to MySql database. Created indexes to fasten results of query. Programmed interface between MSQL Server and Web Page, to access the Search engine online from the site.<BR><BR>Netwalla Group <BR><BR>Developed a completely database driven Portal Website for the Netwalla Group. The site contains Music, Recipe, Education, Sports, Health, News, Fashion, Entertainment, Humour and other sections. I’m Still working on the customized part of the site using Site Server commerce Edition. URL of the Website is Whole site is done using in VbScript, Html, ASP, ADO, SiteServer Commerce Edition, MS-SQL Server and IIS. <BR><BR>Role: Developed & implemented the site. Transfered the database on the Server.<BR><BR>EfolkMusic Group <BR><BR>Developed a completely database driven Music Website for the EfolkMusic Group. Wherein user can buy mp3 files online. URL of the Website is Whole site is done using in VbScript, Html, ASP, ADO, MS-SQL Server and IIS. <BR><BR>Role: Developed & implemented the site. Transfered the database on the Server.<BR><BR>AURA MULTIPRO, PANCHKULA, INDIA <BR>3/98 to 12/98<BR>(Software Engineer)<BR><BR>Performed Design, Development for a variety of Systems like Bills Receivable, Project Management & Estimate Costing, Automobiles System. <BR><BR>Bills Receivable System (Duration - 10/98 to 12/98)<BR>System was developed for the use of Direct Sales Organization to keep track of bills and receivables from various customers. System keeps track of invoices raised against an order, short shipments against an order and installations to be done. System facilitates the coordinators in the day-to-day operations like to be done from the headquarter, challans to be received from customers. System also generates various reports like account executive vise bills receivables, manager wise summary reports and short shipments etc.<BR><BR>Role: Designed, Developed the system to run in a Client/Server environment. Implement the developed system at the client’s site.<BR><BR>Project Management & Estimate Costing (Duration - 6/98 to 9/98)<BR>System was developed to facilitate materials supplied by the supplier on the Client’s site. It updates & appends quantity used at a particular site. Facilitates Maintenance & modifications of Stock. System generates a consolidated report containing actual profit of any project, performance of individual suppliers and other related information. Designed to append labour cost, expenses, labour details etc.<BR><BR>Role: Designed, Developed & analyzed the system to run in a Client/Server environment. Implement the developed system at the client’s site.<BR><BR>Automobiles System (Duration - 3/98 to 5/98)<BR>System was fully menu driven with user friendly interface designed for the use of direct sales organizations to keep track over the bills issued to various customers. System includes completely online and integrated upto date balance sheet. Bill by bill adjustments to current stock, and upto date maintenance of the stock are the features of the system. System also keeps track over the taxes, salaries and other expenses. The major feature of the system was reminders that can be generated for due services.<BR><BR>Role: Designed, Developed & implemented the system to run in the client/server environment.<BR><BR>Inventory Control System<BR>System was developed to maintain the stock, Invoices, Challans. System also keeps track over the sales tax, cash discounts and etc. <BR><BR>Role: Designed, Developed & tested the System to run in the client/server environment.<BR><BR>Payroll Monitoring System<BR>System was designed & developed to maintain the vacation/leave information of all employees. System was fully menu driven with user friendly interface. It facilitates monthly updating of vacation status of employees, printing of individual vacation summary and generation of a consolidated vacation report. System also generates payslips, through calculating net salary and their earnings and deductions.<BR><BR>Role: Designed, Developed & tested the system.

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    Hi Steve,<BR><BR>I am an experienced programmer in ASP/VB/SQL Server.Iam available immediately on a contract basis.Here is my resume. <BR>Sreenivas Chalam <BR><BR>Profile:<BR>About 5 years of Professional Experience in IT performing coding and testing of various applications in Visual Basic, VB Script, HTML, DHTML, ASP,IIS,MTS, SQL SERVER 7.0,ORACLE 7.3/8.0 Very strong in ASP programming for web-based business applications. Well versed in front-end application connectivity with databases using ODBC and OLEDB. Proficient in Client/Server Architecture, Object Oriented Programming and Relational Database Design. Also having good programming knowledge with MS SQL Server as Back End using TSQL and Oracle with PL/SQL. <BR><BR>Education: MS in Statistics.<BR>Microsoft Certified Professional in MS SQL Server 6.5.<BR>Certified ASP Programmer<BR>Certified VB Programmer<BR><BR>Technical Skills:<BR>Programming Languages : Visual Basic 6.0,Developer 2000,C<BR>Scripting Languages : Java Script, VB Script, Shell Script, HTML 4.0, DHTML,XML <BR>Technologies : ASP2.0 with IIS , Active X,COM with MTS,DCOM<BR>Database : SQL, Oracle 8.0, MS SQL Server 7.0, MS Access<BR>GUI Tools and IDE : Visual InterDev 6.0, MS Front Page 98<BR>Operating Systems : MS DOS, UNIX and Windows NT 4.0/98<BR>Reports : Data Reports, Crystal Reports<BR><BR>Professional Experience:<BR><BR>In touch Communications,VA June’99 to Current<BR><BR>Involved in the design, development and implementation of Prepaid Call Phone System using Visual basic 6.0, ASP and SQL Server running on Windows NT server. This system deals with Interactive Calling Management System and operational management system. Operational management system deals with card management, dealer management, sales distribution, reconciliation of billing and creating rate plans for different time zones and area zones.<BR><BR>· Extensively worked on all the advanced features of Visual Basic 6.0 including API Functions, COM (Component Object Model) and Active X controls. <BR>· System is based on visual controls, menus, MDI forms and custom controls like Sheridan controls, Mask edits, Grid control, DbGrid, File accessing controls, modules, classes, events and functions. <BR>· Job responsibilities also include writing stored procedures and ADOs for retrieval of information from database and triggers to ensure the referential integrity and business rules.<BR>· The Operational Management System is designed using ASP’s Session,Sever,Application,<BR>Request and Response Objects.<BR>· ASP’s File System Objects have been Used to write and read data from files.<BR>· Involved in the creation of database objects like tables, indexes etc. Also used visual basic’s graphical features, class libraries and help utility. On-line help is also provided.<BR>· Responsibilities also include fixing bugs and user interactions. User wise installation for setup program of software. Used crystal reports 5.0 to generate reports.<BR><BR>Environment:<BR> Windows NT4.0, SQL Server 7.0, T-SQL, Visual Basic 6.0 , ASP 2.0, Crystal Reports 5.0,IIS4.0 <BR><BR><BR>Oakite Products Inc, NJ Nov’98 to June’99<BR><BR>Involved in design, development and testing of online transactions (E-commerce) using Active Server Pages,HTML,DHTML. The objective of the project is to develop a web application that deals with product management, customer service, follow-up of quotations, preparing and printing Invoices, payment process and handling of graphic pictures and brochures as an attachment to a product or quote.<BR>· Designed and developed web interfaces for Product Catalog, Customer Order forms processing. <BR>· Used ADOs to connect with SQL Server database .<BR>· Security aspects like authorization and authentication have been addressed.<BR>· Developed Server-side program that determines new customers and offer them sales deals for their next purchase.<BR>· Used Built in Components like Ad Rotator etc.,<BR>· Client side validations performed through JavaScript.<BR><BR>Environment: <BR>Windows 95/98/NT, HTML 4.0, JavaScript, VBScript,DHTML,Style Sheets,MS SQL Server 6.5.<BR><BR><BR>CITI NET ,India June’98 to Nov’98 <BR><BR>Worked as an Internet developer using Active Server Pages technology. Developed Internet application for CITI NET, which deals Internet ticket booking. This mainly consists of all new releases, maintaining tickets availability, booking the tickets and generating the reports.<BR>· Depending on user roles, various authorizations are assigned to different users for different tasks. Access to different users are restricted at logon process only. <BR>· Every booking is made depending on the availability of tickets and furnished information and generating the unique code. <BR>· This application uses the Active Server Pages technology with Java Script, VB Script. The Active server pages and HTML layout pages were created.<BR>· JavaScript is used for Client-side scripting for front-end validation and VB Script is used for Server-side scripting to get data from the SQL Server database using the DAO Object Library. The server side script makes use of Application, Session, Server, Response and Request objects to control the application.<BR>· Used Microsoft Transaction Server for integrity and concurrency of various Transactions.<BR>Environment: <BR>Windows 95, HTML, ASP 2.0, JavaScript, VB Script, MS SQL Server 6.5,MTS,IIS<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Discover IT Technologies, India Dec’97 to June’98<BR><BR>Involved in the analysis, design and development of Automobile Pricing System using Visual Basic 5.0 and Oracle7.3. The goal of the project is to arrive at exact price for cars of different models with its optional accessories. This maintains customer inquiry information, takes care of discount types for better marketing and company margins. This facilitates to show the customer, the price of his car instantly. <BR><BR>· Visual interface for the user is developed in Visual Basic 5.0 using advanced features of Visual Basic like GUI, ActiveX controls, etc.<BR>· This project is ODBC compliant.<BR>· The back end has Oracle connectivity.<BR>· Triggers are used to impose business rules and referential integrity. ODBC is used to the full extent to access the back end Oracle.<BR>· Involved in the maintenance and support of the systems.<BR>· Also involved in the re-development of some of the modules due to change in HR policies of the company. <BR><BR>Environment:<BR><BR>Windows 95/3.x, Visual Basic 5.0, Oracle7.3, ODBC<BR><BR>The Vysya Bank Limited, India Feb’95 to Dec’97<BR><BR>Involved in the design,development and testing of financial applications for Vysya Bank using <BR>Visual Basic 4.0 and Developer 2000 as front end and MS SQL Server 6.0 and Oracle 7.x as the Back end. The objective of the project is to automate the deposits Portfolio including Income tax, which is to be deducted on the deposits held by the depositors either at the time of maturity or at the time of premature closure whichever is earlier.Since deduction of Tax on interest paid on deposits is a statutory obligation, care must be Taken to deduct tax from all eligible depositors as per the Income tax Act.<BR><BR>· Designed the SQL Server Database and developed scripts for creation of tables, triggers and indexes.<BR>· Used DAO methodology to connect to the SQL Server Database.<BR>· Security aspects like Authorization and Authentication have been addressed through the creation of Database triggers.<BR>· Audit is done with stored procedures and triggers.<BR>· Used Crystal Reports for generating various Statutory Reports with respect to the Tax amount deducted in the form of monthly/half-yearly/yearly Reports.<BR><BR>Environment:<BR>Windows NT 4.0,MS SQL Server 6.0,Visual Basic 4.0,DAOs,Crystal Reports <BR><BR>my contact number is <BR>732 634 7065 (h)<BR>732 603 7202 (w)<BR><BR>Email<BR><BR>thanks <BR><BR>sreeni<BR><BR><BR>

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    Rob Meronek Guest

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    Hi Steve.<BR><BR><BR>I&#039ve been developing an active server pages management reporting system and forecasting application for the company I work at for the last three years. We&#039re on NT4.0 and IIS running SQL 7.0 that I&#039ve been administering and doing custom development work on since January 1997. We&#039re running PeopleSoft, Epicor for GL, AR and AP and Niku for our professional services billing. I am currently the Financial Systems Manager at this organization and installed, integrated and maintain these applications. <BR><BR>I&#039m a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Management Accountant as well. I worked in public accounting for three years before coming to work for my current employer (an internet application integration firm) in 1996.<BR><BR>Could you please reply with details on any Florida projects you have? Thank you.<BR><BR><BR>

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