this isn&#039t necessarilly an ASP question, but this is the best message board i&#039ve found...<BR>1).for reasons beyond my control the database i use must be ms access.<BR>2).i have a program that scores a very long test (about 600 multiple choice questions). There are several subtests that are scored (about 100) thus for each test taker i have about 700 pieces of data to store. it is split among 5 tables ([1-125], [251-500], [501-600], [scores], [test taker info]) esentially i want [test taker info] to have an auto_number field and when i insert a new record i want it to return the record number so i can use that record number to assign the record number to the other 4 tables.<BR><BR>questions --&#062; is there a way to return the record number (auto_number field record) upon insertion (without querying for it after the fact), there an easier way to do this.<BR><BR>more info --&#062; test takers are indexed by their ssn or some similar id, but they are able to take test multiple times so this cannot be the primary key, and they cannot be searched by ssn. also the program uses DAO and i would like to stick with it.