I&#039;m using Visual Studio.Net 2003 (MDE) Enterprise Edition. Our servers are in a remote data center. I&#039;ve set up Front Page Extensions on the server application directory I want to use (and it works in Front Page and Visual Interdev). When I use "Add Server" in Visual Studio.NET 2003 I get the error message "You have entered an Internet address of an IP address outside the local domain. Connections to Internet addresses or to external domains are not supported".<BR><BR>Is there a way to convice Visual Studio to change its ways? I&#039;m writing code for Windows Media on Windows 2003 Enterprise, and I just don&#039;t happen to have a spare one of those $1,000 pieces of server software to setup a prototyping server in our office - so not being able to access the production server pretty much makes it impossible to use Visual Studio for this development work.