I have a DLL class referenced as library and then call the funtion GetDataSet from it like so...<BR><BR>DataSet ds = library.GetDataSet("TableName1");<BR>DataTable dtA = ds.Tables["TableName1"]<BR>Session.Add("Table1",dtA);<BR><BR>This works perfectly and all details are put into session and are useable, I create a filtered DataView from the table.<BR><BR>Now, i want to repeat this process ie: re-use my library function again and populate another session before returning the DataView. ie:<BR><BR>DataSet ds = library.GetDataSet("TableName1");<BR>DataTable dtA = ds.Tables["TableName1"]<BR>Session.Add("Table1",dtA);<BR>DataView dv = new DataView((DataTable)Session["dtA"]<BR>dv.filter = blah etc etc<BR>// still working perfectly<BR>DataSet ds = library.GetDataSet("TableName2");<BR>DataTable dtB = ds.Tables["TableName2"]<BR>Session.Add("Table1",dtB);<BR>return dv; // DATAVIEW TRASHED ??????!!!!!<BR><BR>can anyone point me in the right direction here ?<BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>Juggers