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    Default listbox control

    One of the controls on my form is a listbox control. For some reason I cannot get the values passed when the form is posted. Here is the code for the button click event and also the listbox and associated textbox that I use to hold the values in.<BR><BR>[code language="VB.NET"]<BR><BR>&#039;customer has finished and clicked AddLoad Button<BR>Sub AddLoad_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)<BR> If lblBillTo.Text = "" Then &#039;assign a value to prevent an error<BR> If payor.SelectedItem.Value = "ppd" Then &#039;prepaid shipment<BR> lblBillTo.Text = lblShipperID.Text<BR> ElseIf payor.SelectedItem.Value = "clt" Then &#039;collect shipment<BR> lblBillTo.Text = lblConsigneeID.Text<BR> ElseIf payor.SelectedItem.Value = "COD" Then &#039;cod shipment<BR> lblBillTo.Text = lblConsigneeID.Text<BR> End If<BR> End If<BR> &#039;change the datetime textbox to show now so we can use that as an argument<BR> &#039;in a query later on<BR> lblDateTime.Text = Now()<BR> &#039;get the trlr types used put them in hidden textbox for use later<BR> If trlr.SelectedIndex &#062; - 1<BR> &#039;clear the trlr type textbox<BR> theType.Text=""<BR> Dim x as Integer<BR> For x = 0 To trlr.Items.Count - 1<BR> If trlr.Items(x).Selected Then<BR> theType.Text = theType.Text & trlr.Items(x).Value<BR> End If<BR> Next<BR> End If<BR> If multiPick.SelectedItem.Value = "True" Then<BR> multiplePicks = True<BR> End If<BR> If multiStop.SelectedItem.Value = "True" Then<BR> multipleDrops = True<BR> End If<BR> If AddTheLoad(lblCustomerID.Text,lblUserID.Text,lblSh ipperID.Text,lblDateTime.Text,shipDate.Text,multiP ick.SelectedItem.Value,lblConsigneeID.Text, multiStop.SelectedItem.Value,payor.SelectedItem.Va lue,lblBillTo.Text,commodity.Text,weight.Text,rate .Text,ratePer.Text,theType.Text,odWidth.Checked,od Length.Checked,odWeight.Checked,odHeight.Checked,t arps.Checked,ramps.Checked,sides.Checked,ldComment .Text,scheduledDelyDate.Text) &#062; 0 Then<BR> &#039;load has been added succesfully<BR> &#039;look to see if there are multiple stops<BR> If multiplePicks = True OR multipleDrops = True Then<BR> GetLoadID(lblCustomerID.Text,lblShipperID.Text,lbl ConsigneeID.Text,lblDateTime.Text)<BR> If multiplePicks = True Then<BR> &#039;there are multiple picks<BR> Dim i as integer = 1<BR> lblPickNum.Text = i<BR> lblOrigin.Text = "Pick #" & i & " Enroute"<BR> lblShipperId.Text = ""<BR> pnlShipSelect.Visible = True<BR> pnlInfo.Visible = False<BR> pnlMPicks.Visible = False<BR> pnlMStops.Visible = False<BR> pnlBillInfo.Visible = False<BR> btnNew1.Visible = False<BR> btnAddNewPick.Visible = True<BR> previous2.Enabled = False &#039;$$$$$$<BR> Else<BR> &#039;there are multiple drops<BR> Dim i as integer = 1<BR> lblDestination.Text = "Drop #" & i & " Enroute"<BR> lblConsigneeID.Text = ""<BR> pnlRcvSelect.Visible = True<BR> pnlMPicks.Visible = False<BR> pnlMStops.Visible = False<BR> pnlInfo.Visible = False<BR> pnlBillInfo.Visible = False<BR> btnNew3.Visible = False<BR> btnAddNewDrop.Visible = True<BR> previous2.Enabled = False<BR> lblDropNum.Text = i<BR> End If<BR> Else<BR> pnlMPicks.Visible = False<BR> pnlMStops.Visible = False<BR> pnlInfo.Visible = False<BR> pnlBillInfo.Visible = False<BR> btnMorePicks.Visible = False<BR> btnMoreDrops.Visible = False<BR> lblSuccess.Text = "Your load has been added"<BR> pnlSuccess.Visible = True<BR> End If<BR> End If<BR>End Sub<BR><BR>[/code]<BR><BR>here is the html for the listbox and also the associated textbox<BR><BR><BR>&#060;asp:Label id="Label34" runat="server"&#062;Equipment Type&#060;/asp:Label&#062;<BR> &#060;asp:TextBox id="theType" runat="server" visible="False"&#062;&#060;/asp:TextBox&#062;<BR> &#060;br /&#062;<BR> &#060;asp:ListBox id="trlr" runat="server" SelectionMode="Multiple"&#062;&#060;/asp:ListBox&#062;<BR>

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    Default make sure

    that if you have some function or sub that "fills" the combobox, make sure you only do it when the page is not postback<BR><BR>in Page_Load event:<BR><BR>If Not Page.IsPostback then<BR> &#039;Fill lists<BR>End If

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