This really isn&#039;t a .NET programming question but here goes.<BR>I&#039;ve recently written an ASP.NET application that will become part of our new website. To test the application I created a virtual directory on our test webserver and did project &#062; copy project from visual studio. When I access the application on the test box I use http://testmachine/appname. Our current website is deployed as the "Default Website" under IIS so when dns resolves it just points to the files in the directory under the default site. My question is how do I make my .NET application "default" when someone hits the webserver. Can I deploy the application somehow without it being in a virtual directory? When I try to just copy it to a new website on the test machine I get an error message:<BR><BR>"unable to create web project &#039;NewProducts&#039;. The file path K:Inetpubwwwrootlahlah does not correspond to the url http://testserver/NewProducts. The two need to map to the same server location. Http Error 404 object not found. " <BR><BR>I know I&#039;m not understanding something simple about .NET but I&#039;m new to working with it and I need to deploy this new website that&#039;s half .NET and half classic ASP.