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    I know this isn&#039;t exactly ASP but I know there are people here that can help me.<BR><BR>I am currently trying to import an Excel file into SQL. I right click the table name, pick import data, select the proper Excel file, then come to the Source/Destination screen where I make sure the Destination table is properly set. When I hit preview, I only get the first Column displaying actual info. When i click the Transform option it lists the Source, Destination, Type etc. <BR><BR>the source and destination columns match names.<BR><BR>When I select a row, the first column which works displays:<BR><BR>Age Double Null Age is the naame of the column.<BR><BR>The first one that does work, when I select it says: <BR><BR>Rates1 VarChar(255) NULL <BR><BR>Could these rates not be displaying because in Excel its set to a varchar and in my DB its set to money ? When I go through with the import, I get the Age Column fine and all NULLS for the rest. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.<BR><BR><BR>-M

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    So you need to do ActiveX Script Transformation Not just Gulp it!

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