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Thread: Password prompt for .asp but not .htm

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    We&#039ve been having a strange problem. If you give a page a .asp extension, you are prompted for a password. Rename the file .htm and there&#039s no password prompt, but (duh) the ASP code won&#039t execute. HELP! HELP!!! This is sending me over the BRINK!<BR><BR>Thanks!!<BR><BR>

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    It sounds like your web root permissions might not give guests (IUSER_yourdomain) script access. You&#039ll have to go into the IIS control panel and give guests script access. <BR><BR>In Win2k go to the Start -&#062; Programs -&#062; Admin Tools -&#062; Internet Service Manager then once its opened select your server and right click on your site to view the properties. Under Properties window click the tab Home Directory and at the bottom it says Execute Permissions with a drop down menu, you should select Scripts Only and hopefully this will fix the prob.<BR><BR>Make sure that the permissions on your webroot give IUSER_yourdomain permissions to execute too.

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