I passed the session variables to the dictionary objects.<BR>And called the below coded dll (survey.dll ) in the survey2.asp.<BR>As you see I am passing the dictionary object values to the corresponding fields in the survey table in my survey.dll.<BR><BR>The clients after entering the details in survey page and click send, it is taking a long time and "Page not found" (survey2.asp) error appears in the screen.<BR>Is the problem is in COM Component (dll) or in the Dictionary object.<BR><BR>This is the COM object (dll):<BR><BR>Public Sub SurveyNewRecord(Dict)<BR> Dim survey_day, survey_month, survey_year<BR> Dim survey_name<BR> Dim survey_email<BR> Dim survey_state<BR> Dim survey_zipcode<BR> Dim environment, natural, schools, crime, neighborhood<BR> Dim required, buyer, seller, liability, right_thing, negative, concerned<BR> Dim liability_disclosure<BR> Dim survey_who_type<BR> Dim consumer_type<BR> Dim disclosure_comments<BR> Dim other_comments<BR> Dim adopenstatic, adlockoptimistic<BR> Dim Conn<BR> Dim rs<BR> Dim D As Scripting.Dictionary<BR> <BR> Set D = Dict<BR> <BR> On Error GoTo SurveyRecordError<BR> Set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR><BR> Conn = "DSN=Erisk"<BR> Set rs = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR> rs.Open "survey", Conn, adopenstatic, adlockoptimistic<BR> rs.AddNew<BR> <BR> rs("survey_day") = D("survey_day")<BR> rs("survey_month") = D("survey_month")<BR> rs("survey_year") = D("survey_year")<BR> rs("survey_name") = D("survey_name")<BR> rs("survey_email") = D("survey_email")<BR> rs("survey_state") = D("survey_state")<BR> rs("survey_zipcode") = D("survey_zipcode")<BR> <BR> rs("environmental_damage") = D("environment")<BR> rs("natural_hazards") = D("natural")<BR> rs("schools") = D("schools")<BR> rs("crime") = D("crime")<BR> rs("neighborhood_demographic_information") = D("neighborhood")<BR> rs("required_by_law") = D("required")<BR> rs("buyer_requests_information") = D("buyer")<BR> rs("seller_requests_information") = D("seller")<BR> rs("liability_coverage") = D("liability")<BR> rs("right_thing_todo") = D("right_thing")<BR> rs("negative_consequences") = D("negative")<BR> rs("protecting_my_investment") = D("concerned")<BR> <BR> rs("liability_disclosure ") = D("liability_disclosure")<BR> rs("survey_who_type") = D("survey_who_type")<BR> rs("consumer_type ") = D("consumer_type")<BR> rs("disclosure_comments") = D("disclosure_comments")<BR> rs("other_comments") = D("other_comments")<BR> rs.Update<BR> <BR> rs.Close<BR> Set rs = Nothing<BR> <BR>Exit Sub<BR><BR>SurveyRecordError:<BR>Debug.Print Err, Error<BR>Stop<BR>Resume<BR>Resume Next<BR><BR>End Sub<BR>Please help me passing the values to the table.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Raja