I am using VB.NET and am using the a Repeater to display a series of website reviews that are stored in a database. Next to each of these reviews, I have a "Yes" button and a "No" button that users can click to indicated whether they found the review helpful. <BR><BR>THE PROBLEM: I want each button to become disbabled once it is clicked. I have a sub rountine called "YesHelpful" and for the "Yes" Button, OnClick="YesHelpful."<BR><BR>BUT... I don&#039;t know how in that subroutine, I can disable JUST the "Yes" button that was just clicked, and not all of the other "YES" buttons with the same name. It seems like the button that was just clicked must be accessible from either of the two input parameters: (Sender as Object, e as EventArgs).<BR><BR>Thanks for your suggestions.<BR>-Bryan