Hi everyone,<BR><BR>Ok, this is the second time I have tried to post, I don&#039;t know what I did wrong on the first one, it just didn&#039;t appear. This doesn&#039;t inspire confidence, I mean if I can&#039;t even manage to post to a forum, learning asp isn&#039;t gonna be easy methinks. Anyway, I will persevere despite having an immediate head scratcher whilst studying the book.<BR><BR>Ok, in the book it tells me to view my .asp pages - I have installed PWS - I need to type http://mymachinename/mypage.asp<BR>Now I know this is quite early in my learning curve to be having a, probably, very simple problem but, I don&#039;t have a clue what my machine name is. I have tried all the names I usually call it, like when it crashes but, nothing!<BR><BR>I have tried typing in http://localhost/mypage.asp like it says in the book but that doesn&#039;t work either.<BR><BR>I have mypage.asp saved in the InetPub/wwwroot directory and I am so proud it, it would be nice to see it.<BR><BR>So can anyone tell what I need to do?<BR><BR>Thanks, I appreciate all help.<BR><BR>Pete.