Hi all, great to be on the forum!<BR><BR>I have just got a copy of Sams Teach Yourself Active Server Pages 3.0 in 21 Days and I am stuck already.....yeah I know, it doesn&#039;t bode well!<BR>It is the bit about when you preview your .asp page in a browser that has me perplexed.<BR>In the book, it says to open up the page using the URL: http://mymachinename/SquareRoot.asp<BR>Well me and my puter aren&#039;t on first name terms so I don&#039;t know what to type in. I have tried all the names I usually call it but the parental control kicks in and nothing happens.<BR>Ok, I know this is probably something really simple but I really am confused on this (and I&#039;m sure it won&#039;t be the last) point.<BR>BTW, I have installed PWS and I have tried the http://localhost/SquareRoot.asp approach but it isn&#039;t working.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance, Pete.