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    Dray Guest

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    Is it possible to run a dos EXE from asp and get the result back from the exe program and into my asp code/page? IF so how? Would appreciate pointers in the right direction.<BR><BR>thanks

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    Bob Bradley Guest

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    Funny you should ask ...<BR>I&#039m trying to run a series of DOS batch files, checking for success at each step. All I can do so far is launch a batch job, but that&#039s a start, eh?<BR><BR> Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") <BR> WshShell.Run "C:InetPubwwwrootBuildTest.bat a b c d",1,TRUE<BR><BR>The MSDN help will tell you about the valid values for the second RUN parameter - 0 is for the DOS window to be invisible.<BR><BR>Let me know how you go ... I think control returns to the calling ASP on exit of the DOS program ... ???

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    Bob Bradley Guest

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    Just looked in "Commonly Asked Questions" and found this:

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