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    I use a form that has several questions for a user to answer, the answers are entered into a database and users are sent to a page confirming their answers. In the form there is a dropdown box that asks 5 questions, I want to redirect users to a different page depending on the text selected in the dropdown box. stored query or coded on the page where the data is inserted into the database?

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    Default I'm glad you're not my banker...

    You&#039;d probably write a contract it would take me until the penalty payments accrued in order to understand it!<BR><BR>&#060;Grin&#062;That really *was* meant in fun.&#060;/Grin&#062;<BR><BR>So let&#039;s get serious...<BR><BR>You have "a form". And you have *ONE* dropdown? I presume you mean a &#060;SELECT&#062;? And it asks *FIVE* different questions???? <BR><BR>You sure you don&#039;t mean one question with 5 different answers???<BR><BR>And you send them to a page confirming the answers. Do you mean you will have 5 *different* confirmation pages? Or do you mean that, *after* viewing the ONE confirmation page you will then send them to one of 5 different pages?<BR><BR>Finally, this part I don&#039;t get *at all*:<BR>stored query or coded on the page where the data is inserted into the database?<BR><BR>Huh? What is that referring to???<BR><BR>

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