need to wite to mdb database!

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Thread: need to wite to mdb database!

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    Default need to wite to mdb database!

    I have a system with Windows 2003 Server installed & .Net framework installed. I copied the ASP.Net website & .mdb file from my test sever to the live server and now I can't write to the database. I am able to verify users on the website & read the contents in the database but I can't run any modification to the database. Am I missing something, I know I shouln't need Access installed but what do I need. Could I also be missing code when I connect to the database. Please let me know & thank you for your time.

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    Yep, it&#039;s the same problem. Your .mdb file is write-protected (or its directory is). You need to either un-protect it for ASP.NET (I think that is IWAM_xxx where xxx is the computer name?? ) or, at least for testing purposes, just open it up for "Everyone" to write to it. If this system isn&#039;t open to the public, that&#039;s a perfectly okay thing to do to make sure the problem isn&#039;t elsewhere.<BR><BR>Next time (or this time, if this doesn&#039;t solve it), show the FULL AND COMPLETE error message you get when you have a problem. And then the relevant source code, as well.<BR><BR>

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