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    hello<BR> im trying to select all records from an access db that fit the criteria held in "varItemSelected" variable.<BR>Heres what i have:<BR><BR><BR>SQLstmt = "SELECT * FROM Products WHERE product = " &_ varItemSelected<BR><BR>set rs = con.Execute(SQLstmt)<BR><BR>But i get this error:<BR><BR>Microsoft JET Database Engine error &#039;80040e10&#039; <BR>No value given for one or more required parameters. <BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR>thanks<BR><BR>

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    Default Bill's mantra: DEBUG DEBUG DEBUG

    Just *before* the con.Execute, do<BR><BR> Response.Write "DEBUG SQL: " & SQLstmt & "&#060;HR&#062;"<BR><BR>And see just what it is that you are trying to convince poor SQL to do for you.<BR><BR><BR>

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