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    Hello,<BR><BR>Moving an Access headend to a MySQL head end... I have a question relating to relationships.<BR><BR>Given the tables:<BR><BR>tblRegister<BR>ID<BR>ProjectName<BR ><BR>tblEstimators<BR>RegID<BR>EstimatorName<BR><B R>Each Register ID can have multiple Estimators assigned to it. I currently have the relationships setup in MS Access. How should I construct this in MySQL? I&#039;ve seen something on Foreign Keys, etc...<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>Andy

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    I&#039;ve done many migrations from one DB to another but must admit Access to MySQL is not one of them. I think you will find it is just a question of identifying the primary and foreign keys in your Access relationships and coding in MySql<BR><BR>Maybe you would have better luck getting an answer on the site below. <BR><BR><BR><BR>and maybe specifically<BR><BR>

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