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    Any way to clear a page? Say I create a partial web-page, and it gets sent to the client (via Response.Flush). Is there anyway to send a clear (like a cls in DOS) from the same web-page?<BR><BR>Or do I have to start a whole new page instead?<BR><BR>I&#039;m doing some basic ASP Scripting. It&#039;s much easier to keep it all on the same page. I want to send some information down to the user, clear it, and then send some more information down.<BR><BR>Any easy way to do this on a single page?<BR><BR>A related question. Any way to put a pause in the rendering of a page? Wscript.Sleep doesn&#039;t seem to work.<BR><BR>Thanks for any help

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    No, you can&#039;t.<BR><BR>Once you&#039;re written out to the client, there&#039;s nothing that you can do, such as a Response.Redirect.<BR><BR>Tell us what your goal is and maybe we can help.

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