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Thread: Accessing Excel sheet in VB.Net

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    Default Accessing Excel sheet in VB.Net

    I am looking for help adding an entire datatable to a single sheet in and Excel object. I beleive the code will look something like<BR><BR>dim x as Excel.Application<BR><BR>x.sheets["Name"].Value = datatable<BR>or<BR>x.sheets["Name"].add(datatable)<BR><BR>or somethign similar. I can not believe that you can export to an Excel file so easily and not access it directly the same way. Any help would be great.<BR><BR>Joe

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    Default Well which do you want to do?

    It sounds like you want to export, but then you&#039;re suddenly going on about reading it hehe.<BR><BR>To export to Excel:<BR><BR><BR>To read Excel:<BR> meta=<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Tim

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