i am working on a sql server 2000 stored procedure in which i need to create a cursor that will allow me to move through a recordset.<BR><BR>that&#039;s easy enough really....<BR><BR>CREATE PROCEDURE [DBO].[GET_CURSOR] AS<BR><BR>DECLARE MY_CURSOR CURSOR<BR>FOR SELECT * FROM count_table<BR>GO<BR><BR>once i&#039;ve established this cursor i need to move through each record in the recordset and perform various tasks, including:<BR><BR>building two additional dynamic queries that use values from the recordset the cursor is moving through.....<BR><BR>pseudo-code:<BR><BR>FETCH<BR><BR>strSQL = "select * from table_two where field_a = &#039; & my_cursor("my_value") & &#039;<BR><BR>rsTemp1.Open strSQL<BR><BR>strSQL2 = "select * from table_three where field_b = &#039; & my_cursor("my_value2") & &#039;<BR><BR>rsTemp2.Open strSQL2<BR><BR>(then perform various tasks based on results of these inner queries)<BR><BR>NEXT<BR><BR>i&#039;m not sure if this is possible. and i&#039;m also concerned that i might not be explaining this very clearly.<BR><BR>any help, thoughts, ideas would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>thanks.