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    I Asked following question on 9th feb<BR>--------------------------------------<BR>Hi, <BR><BR>I need to check at runtime if the user is internet user or intranet user and accordingly go for doing windows authentication or show a form for username & password for database based verification. <BR><BR>Is there any way to do this. <BR><BR>Thanks & Regards <BR>Pradeep<BR><BR>***************<BR><BR>Your reply was<BR>--------------<BR><BR>since all requests to "" come over the wire to the web server box.. so it doesn&#039;t care <BR><BR>what i&#039;d do (and have done) is setup two sites on the server, both pointing to the same "Home Directory", and you can set one of them to NOT allow anonymous users (requiring them to be logged onto the domain) and then in your code you can check: <BR><BR>HttpContext.Current.User.Name <BR><BR>if its empty, they came in through the "internet", if its not empty, they came in through the "intranet" <BR><BR>hope that makes sense <BR><BR>**************<BR><BR>But if I create 2 websites I will have to give two different names, which I can&#039;t do. Is there some work around <BR><BR>Thanks & Regards<BR>Pradeep

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    Default This may be of help:

    I used to do this on ASP, but there is a great article which explains it really well on 15Seconds (found through Google: e+Authentication&meta=)<BR><BR>The site is:<BR><BR><BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Tim

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