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    Default IIS v6.0 asp problem

    Hi, i got captured by a problem in IIS. i have hosted a web site on IIS v6.0 (with Windows 2003 Server). web site&#039;s first page is displayed nicely, but when i click on a hyperlink that refers to a web page in other direcoty (say students/results/final.asp), then Internal Server Error message appears and page does not load ... i think its because of security from switching from one directory to other in IIS v6.0. PLEASE SHED SOME LIGHT ON THIS PROBLEM. thnx <BR>

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    Default What is the error?

    You say you get an internal server error, so a 500 error. But what kind of 500 error? For example:<BR>500;12 Internal Server Error - Application restarting <BR>500;100 Internal Server Error - ASP error <BR>...<BR><BR>Also, especially if it is an 500;100 error: wat is the ASP error? You may need to alter your browsers settings to disable "Show friendly http error messages".<BR><BR>I don&#039;t think it&#039;s a security problem, because I would expect some kind of "403 Forbidden" error.

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