I have a dataset that contains 4 tables 2 of which are categories and products. I have them all related ok but I dont know whether I can do what I want to do. I am clicking on a category that contains sub categories. When a sub category is clicked I get the id of that category and display the related products. I&#039;ve done this no problem. However, when I click on the main category that holds the sub cat egories I want to display all the products in all the sub-categories. Does that make sense? :)<BR>I thought of doing a filter on the categories table to return the sub categories and then iterating through each id to get the products but where would I put the products from each set of results? Normally I have received the records in one go and binded the data to my datalist, but this time I am going to be getting my complete set of records in bits and dont know where to put them until I bind. Can someone advise on the best place? Should I create a new dataset just for storing these products?<BR><BR>TIA<BR>Lloyd