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    Michael Scott McGinn Guest

    Default params?

    How do I open a IE5.0 window from a VB Script?<BR><BR>I have been playing with the object in my scripts but I want to control the window better.<BR><BR>I want to set the params of the parent IE5.0 window from within my script and set it for full-screen view with a scroll bar and all the other params set to no for navagation tools. IE- no status, no menu, no location no address bar.<BR><BR>Is there a way to talk to the browser to get it to switch to F11 or full screen mode?<BR><BR>I want to control my visitors viewing experience as much a possible and I will give them the back button on the web page to get back. If they want to go to another site they will just have to exit from the session and start IE5 again. This is running on my intranet so they can&#039t go anywhere else but my web site. <BR><BR>I have the IEAK 5.0 and have worked with setting the options but it does not lock out the user from being able to set the options back to normal modes. I want to control by locking out the user from accessing the menus and right click functions.<BR><BR>Helps keep my code from moving to my competition. I will also be implimenting script encoding.<BR><BR>Please reply to and to this board for all.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Michael Scott McGinn<BR>Nexus Ag Chemicals Inc.<BR><BR>

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    Daniel Root Guest

    Default RE: params?

    A couple ideas, that may or may not work, is to use the onBeforeUnload event to open another window with your specs and close the current one whenever the user exits. Also, it may be possible to have a hidden frame that checks every so often to make sure the "main" frame is in the proper domain. If it is not, it blows the user back home.<BR><BR>-Daniel

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