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    Vidya Guest

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    i am using frames on a page. <BR>i need to send an email from a frame where i am querying an database. Rather i need to email the result of the query. <BR>When i say page-by-email or link-by-email thru the browser the link to the first frame gets sent. <BR>Can i have a button on the second frame by which i can use mailto & send the query result??<BR>Any help wud be appreciated...<BR>

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    What exactly are you trying to do? It shouldnt be a problem to email a page with its contents.

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    Vidya Guest

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    i am querying for employee information depending on the employee name. <BR>Now i need to email this queried information..<BR>The biggest problem is that i cannot use aspmail/cdonts. i need to use my default mail client to send the page.<BR>When i send page-by-email or link by e-mail thru the browser, email link contains no info about the query result.. <BR>It sends my error message "cannot query" thru the email.<BR>Is there any way of doing it...<BR>

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