Hi I could not find out how to add the Senders Name and recipient name in the email using "CDO.Message"<BR><BR>THis is the code I am using which works well.<BR><BR>Set Mailer = CreateObject("CDO.Message") <BR> <BR>Mailer.Subject = "Hey Check This Out!"<BR>Mailer.From = tmpMyEmai &#039;tmpMYfirstname &" "& tmpMYlastname <BR>Mailer.To = femail(i) &#039; fname(i)<BR>Mailer.TextBody = txtmessage <BR>Mailer.send<BR><BR>I want to add My first name , last name and recipient name so that in the mail the recipient will see the <BR><BR>name insted of the email.<BR><BR>thanks in advance :)