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    I have put together a shopping cart. I have 2 questions. <BR>First I have put everything into a session. Basically the id of the item and the quantity. Does anyone have a opinion of doing this&#062;<BR><BR>2. When the customer is ready to checkout. My question now is how do i give them there on identity. For example i have them register so i have a userid, but i want to make this cart or this group of information that they are purchasing unigue. So that if the purchase something else on that day i can distinquish them. Does anyone have any idea&#039;s. I would appreciate it.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    1. Only opinion i have of this is that if someone tries to shop with their cookies turned off or blocked, then you might have a problem.<BR><BR>2. If you save the order in an orders table, then just assign them an auto-incremented order id, then in another field, list their user id i.e.:<BR><BR>OrderID UserID<BR>1001 0001<BR>1002 0001

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    I think that for most small sites, the cart-in-session is okay. Your customer only needs to allow session cookies in order for that to work.<BR><BR>And you could either use an autonumber OrderID *or* you could just use the date and time of the order to distinguish between multiple orders by same customer. OrderID is probably better, because it&#039;s easy to give a receipt to the customer (e.g., via email?) and ask that they refer to that number in future correspondence.<BR><BR>

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