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    Hi, i am creating a search engine for my website, and i want to have an advanced search page where i want to give the user an option to search for only the full word. what i mean:<BR><BR>if the user has entered the word "call"<BR><BR>i want this text to match:<BR>"Remember to call your mother."<BR><BR>but i dont want this to match:<BR>"John called Jill today."<BR><BR>I want to only return results where the word searched for is in the text AS the user entered it.<BR>U got any suggestions on how to do this? Taking in mind that sometimes there will be a dot or a "," after the word searched for.<BR><BR>

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    Default Depends on how you..

    .. implemented the search in the first place.<BR><BR>The first thing that comes to my mind is using a regular expression.

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