Hi<BR>I am trying to use a value of a some recored result set in one populated dropbox where various options of box sets are available however only one would be selected by using a function. here is some of the code I am using:<BR> <BR>function populateOptions(dropdownObjectPath, withWhat) {<BR> x = new Array;<BR> i=0;<BR>if (withWhat == "mainList") {<BR> x[i++]=new Option("Test1", ":directoryname/filename.ext");<BR> x[i++]=new Option("Test2", "Test2");<BR>}<BR>I need to substituet the filename for the recored set value resulted on this same page.<BR>This the code that I have been using to generate post database value but this time it will not work. can you help<BR>&#060;% <BR>If Not IsEmpty(fp_rs) And Not (fp_rs Is Nothing) Then Response.Write CStr(fp_rs("Type")) <BR>%&#062; <BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Amjad